is back with the brandnew studio album




FRESH FOX started in 2003 with their Single "SEXY LADY". The two member of FRESH FOX were Ronny Jentzsch and Chris van Beorg. In 2004 they released their first Album called "SEXY" and it was sold all over the world. The fanbase of FRESH FOX reaches from Europe with Germany, France or Spain - over to Russia or Southern America with Brazil, Peru or Chile. In 2005 the 2nd Album "TONIGHT" was released. And with songs like "Queen of the night" and "Taxi to Babylon" FRESH FOX touched the hearts of their fans again. After a long time where Ronny & Chris were producing for other artist, e.g. FANCY or the german pop duo WILDE HERZEN - FRESH FOX came back in 2009 with their 3rd Album "ANOTHER MYSTERY". A lot of fans are happy now, that the time of waiting for new songs of FRESH FOX is over with the actual Album "ANYTHING"

FRESH FOX is back
with the brandnew Album

After 8 years of composing and producing for other acts and artists, Ronny Jentzsch - the head of FRESH FOX - gives his fans a new Album called ANYTHING. The highlight of this Album may be the new recorded and mastered version of the first Single "SEXY LADY". But any song of this Album will find it's friend ;-)

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